Fairfield (now Wyndham) Elysian Beach Resort

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by Branwenn on March 6, 2007

The beach is definitely the highlight of this timeshare/hotel/resort in St. Thomas. We rented our room through Extra Holidays online for two nights and it was $175 a night. We were in Room 147 in X building - a huge climb straight up from Registration. They had a weird van/shuttle for you when you came and left, where you could load your luggage onto this open-aired pickup truck with benches and ride up the hill. Otherwise, you had to trudge up and down the road or steps—both were an exhausting climb. This is not a hotel for anyone with mobility issues of any kind. The resort is built on a cliff side and everything is either straight up or down. There is no shuttle to the upper level, but if you whine to the Registration desk, they will shake their head, roll their eyes, sigh and call the guy with the open-air pickup truck with benches in the back to take you up to your room. He expects a tip though, and you have to wait for a bit for him to get there, so we only used his services once when I just could not walk anymore. (I have a steel rod in my right leg and hip problems.) Otherwise we huffed up and down the several sets of stairs. The associate at the front desk said we should use the road, but there were no sidewalks at all and the cars barreled up and down the hill with no regard for pedestrians, so we only chanced the steep incline on foot once. Overall, we were very under-impressed with this “resort.”

The room was terrible - really small and cramped, especially for a facility known for being a timeshare. There was a small bedroom with a king-size bed, TV (poor digital reception, few channels and very hard to watch), and not much else. Nothing else would fit except a couple of tiny tables. There was a patio balcony and a small bathroom, but no whirlpool or anything like that that you usually find at a Fairfield property. The bottom of the tub was too stained for me to get a bubble bath. We got showers in the weak water pressure for the time we were there. There were plates and silverware, a microwave and refrigerator, but no stove top. There was a coffee pot and coffee cups, but no coffee, sugars, or creamers. A week's rental would be a bit of a pain in these cramped conditions even for just two. There were no dining/living rooms or any other areas with this room although they had other rooms that were more like town homes on the grounds. The Internet connection was $20 a day and once you signed up, the only place you could really get service was on the very hot and humid patio while the bugs covered you in bites.
Elysian Beach Resort
6800 Estate Nazareth
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, 00802
(340) 775-1000


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