Warren & Annabelle's Magic

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by warren_&_annabelle's_sux on March 5, 2007

This was by far the worst live performance I have ever seen. Warren was on vacation, and his replacement (Kerry) was horrendous. From what I hear, though, Kerry's talent level and repertoire is right on par with Warren's.

My girlfriend and I decided to go to the show because of the great reviews that we read in the "Maui Revealed" guidebook. The glowing reviews were completely misleading. The tricks performed were extremely unimpressive; similar to something you might see performed by a magician at a birthday party for a First Grader. Also, the comedy portion of the act made up about 70% of the entire act - far greater than what we had anticipated. At first, the comedy was funny, as Kerry created insulting nicknames for some unlucky patrons sitting in the first and second rows. When he first called the young-looking 32-year-old in the front row "Doogie Howser," I laughed. But 15 times later, it was not funny anymore.

Instead of seeing several magic tricks with a little bit of fluff/comedy in between, there were only about four major tricks. Most of the show was based around the stupid, insulting humor that quickly grew old. Not to mention the fact that the tricks were horribly unimpressive.

The icing on the cake was when Kerry messed up the final trick and made himself look even worse by admitting that he had to cheat (by glancing at the "hidden" number that a man had written down). Unfortunately, he admitted that he couldn't even cheat well enough to get the trick right. He had misread the "hidden" number. But please don't misconstrue this as the reason that I disliked the show. Even if he had nailed this trick, this still would have been a horrible show. Do not waste your time or money (approx. $50) to be horribly disappointed.

Also, I forgot to mention that the unique entrance to the theater and the ghost piano player (both raved about in "Maui Revealed") are nothing close to impressive.

I called the manager the next day and conveyed our disappointment with the show, asking for our money back, but to no avail.

Please do not waste your time/money with this show. You will absolutely regret it.
Warren & Annabelle's Magic
900 Front Street
Maui, Hawaii, 96761
(808) 667-6244


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