San Diego Zoo II (Attractions, Exhibits, and Dinin

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The San Diego Zoo is jammed packed with informative exhibits and fun attractions for people of all ages. Like I said in my first essay though, be prepared to walk (unless you purchased the Express Bus pass). I highly recommend wearing rubber soled shoes because some of the exhibits are located on steep hills. You wouldn’t believe how many people wear high heels and dress shoes to the park. Don’t make the same mistake! Due to the immense size of the zoo and the limited space for me to write this essay I will tell you about my favorite attractions in the park.

Giant Panda Research Station - This is probably the most popular exhibit in the entire San Diego Zoo. Lines can be as long as a ½ hour or more to see these majestic animals. I have been to the zoo twice and the first time I went the pandas were all sleeping, but the second time one of the large males was eating bamboo right in front of the crowd. It was amazing to see how easily they rip off the bark of the bamboo to get to the meaty inside. Not many zoos have a panda exhibit, so I highly recommend visiting this area.

Polar Bear Plunge - What is a polar bear doing in sunny San Diego? At this exhibit the polar bears seem to be even happier than they would be in their natural habitat. Wouldn’t you if you were waited on hand and foot by the caring zoo staff? Walk down to the underwater viewing for a super close look at these graceful predators. I can swear you that they swim up to the glass to check out the guests.

Gorilla Trails - This exhibit is also one of the more popular attractions in the zoo. I recommend trying to squeeze your way up to the glass, so you can view how social these gorillas really are. Some of the gorillas like to sleep and play right next to the glass. I saw a couple grooming each other, along with a very playful baby gorilla trying  to play with his sleeping mother. The exhibit held at least ten gorillas in all; I could truly spend the whole day here observing these interesting animals.

Albert’s Restaurant - Tired of walking and want to be waited on in a comfortable dining area? Located in the Treehouse complex outside of the Gorilla Trails is Arthur’s. Arthur’s is a full service restaurant that features salads, meats, fresh fish and pastas, where you can sit either inside in a comfortable dining room or outside like us, on their open-air deck. Believe it or not the food is not bad. I had the fresh fish sandwich, if I am not mistaken the fish that day was grouper. The grouper was flaky and moist and the accompanying spicy herb mayo meshed well with the subtle flavor the fish.
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