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If you have never heard of Sea World here is a quick synopsis. This Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser) owned aquatic theme park features a couple of rides and plenty of shows to keep you occupied for an entire day. Sea World is too large for me to describe each attraction so I will tell you about my favorites.

Journey to Atlantis – This "Water Coaster" is a unique ride to the Sea World parks. I have not seen this ride anywhere else. In short, this is a log flume ride that is on a coaster track. The ride takes you up eight stories and then twists and turns you down on a coaster track and then plunges you into a pool of water.

Wild Arctic – One of my favorites in Sea World. This ride/attraction takes you on a motion simulator helicopter ride into the "Wild Arctic". After escaping a "near death" crevasse plunge you land safely at the Base Station. This is where the attraction part of the ride comes in. Here you will see playful polar bears, walrus’, and beluga whales. All of these animals can be viewed in their underwater environment. If the "helicopter" part of the ride is not for you, don’t worry you can walk into the attraction to view the animals.

Believe: Shamu Show – This recently renovated show features Sea World’s most famous resident, Shamu – the killer whale. This show features the close relationship that the killer whales have with their trainers. The stage also features a huge 3 panel moving display screen. One of Shamu’s famous "tricks" is to take his tail, splash the water and get the audience drenched, so be careful if you are in the first 15 rows.

Anheuser-Busch Brewmaster’s Club – This is a new program that allows guests (over 21) to taste a flight of beer like a wine tasting. Even if you don’t like beer, I highly recommend trying this (yes, it is free!). You have three different flights to choose from. After I chose my flight I was given some cheese, fruit, and chocolate. Our server then explained which beer went best with each item on your plate. This was a fun and unique way to experience a beer tasting.

Park admission is around $56 for adults and children 10 and older and $46 for children ages 3 – 9. Admission for children under the age of 3 is free. A quick tip is to check the Internet. Sometimes Sea World has special admission prices via the web. I almost forgot to tell you that if you drive to Sea World (most people do) there is a charge to park your car - $10, but if you want to have Preferred Parking that will set you back $15. I can tell you fun is not free at Sea World (except a couple of beer samples). The hours of the park vary on the season and day of the week you are visiting.
SeaWorld San Diego
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