New York Burger Co.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by emilynyc on February 28, 2007

Not all burgers are created equally. Some crumble in your hands, others dissolve your bun into a mushy mess. But when a burger is done right, like those at the New York Burger Co., it's the perfect taste of summer barbecues down by the pool--even in the heart of Manhattan.

Hailing from Los Angeles, where crisscrossed palm trees beckon burger lovers to In-N-Out, I have high standards when it comes to quick and inexpensive hamburgers. When I moved here last summer, my fourth order of business (after finding a home, job, and grocery store) was to satisfy my burger craving. It took six months and several restaurants, but a random lunch date landed me at New York Burger Co., and I couldn't have been more delighted.

New York Burger Co. is indeed a fast-food restaurant, but the way they serve up their burgers you'd swear it cost $12. Prices start at about $6 for a plain hamburger, and up to $9 for a specialty burger. You can even customize with options that include avocado (a California staple).

The patty on my burger was substantial and didn't drip with fat, while the onions I opted for were grilled to perfection. And the bun was soft and tasty, an ideal palette for the 8 or so sauces the Burger Co. offers to spice things up. As a bonus, the restaurant didn't skimp on fries--the large was more than plenty for me and my date.

The menu at New York Burger Co. also caters to the salad aficionado and chili lover, so dining with a group shouldn't bring up taste issues. During the lunch hour rush, service was quick enough to get customers on their way in a flash, and we found a table easily. Groups larger than four could encounter a problem finding a table, however.

I've tried several burger joints in New York on the recommendation of friends and guidebooks, but nothing has satisfied my craving quite like the burger I had at the New York Burger Co. It's quick, inexpensive, and definitely my new standard for burgers in the city.
New York Burger Co.
303 Park Avenue South
New York, NY
(212) 254-2727

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