Saxophone Pub and Restaurant

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by smallplasticman on February 28, 2007

The Saxophone is a great place to listen to rhythm and blues and have a few drinks. Three years ago I patronized this place with my brother-in-law, and on this last trip I did so again. On both occasions the music was very good. Whether it’s a Stevie Ray Vaughn cover or an old Robert Cray song, the artists who perform there seem to enjoy producing this style of music, and they do so in English.

The beers and drinks there are not cheap. A twelve-ounce Singha will set you back 150 baht. Judging the crowd here, and how they were drinking, it didn’t seem to have much of an effect on their alcohol consumption.

The Saxophone usually has a drink special. On this last trip there it was a one-liter bottle of Finlandia Vodka for 1,200 baht, which also came with a Finlandia body bag (whatever that is…). On my trip, three years ago, it was a one-liter bottle of Jack Daniels for 1,100 baht. The Saxophone’s sign on the front of the building also carries the Jack Daniels logo. I suppose they figure this is a whiskey, which represents the American rhythm and blues culture and perhaps, America itself. They are probably not too far off on that assumption.

There was a mixture of people in the bar both times I patronized it: Thai college students, Europeans, Americans, and well-dressed Thai businessmen. It seemed to have a universal appeal. In fact, on this last trip there was a Thai celebrity in the crowd. She is a lesbian musician who was there with her partner, probably to see the second band to play that night, an all girl band.

Despite the high prices, by Thai standards, the Saxophone is off the beaten path from many of the tourist activities most people take part in while visiting Bangkok. If you’re looking for great rhythm and blues sang in the English language and don’t mind spending a few baht more for a good time the Saxophone should be placed on your to do list.
Saxophone Pub and Restaurant
3/8 Phayathai Road
Bangkok, Thailand, 10400
+66 (2) 246 5472;

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