Dublin Literary Pub Crawl

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by SeekingUp on February 27, 2007

Quick--Which Irish playwright won an Academy Award for the screenplay of Pygmalion, which was also adapted into a musical?

If you answered George Bernard Shaw, you just might win a t-shirt from Dublin's Literary Pub Crawl, a famous walking tour that highlights two famous aspects of Irish culture: bustling pubs and a rich literary tradition.

Beginning at the Duke Pub on (where else?) Duke Street, the two guides - working actors - led our group of about twenty-five people through Dublin streets. Along the way, they sprinkled trivia, songs, and scenes centered around the work of famous Irish writers, among them Oscar Wilde, Mary Lavin, George Bernard Shaw, and James Joyce.

We ended up hitting four pubs and although the drinks weren't included in the 12 euros ticket price, we had enough time in each to warm up and have a pint, a nice treat after spending time in the damp Irish air! The actors were very personable even in between "performances," chatting with members of the group and admitting that they were sick of being asked to sing "Molly Malone!" We finished the tour close to where we started on Duke Street, and stayed afterwards to polish off a Hot Toddy or two.

Sure, you can hit several pubs in one night on your own. But you probably won't fill your mind with literary trivia or see a scene from "Waiting for Godot"... and there's certainly no possibility of walking away with a free bottle of Jameson.
Dublin Literary Pub Crawl
9 Duke Street
Dublin, Ireland
+353 (1) 670 5602


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