Greenwich Village: My Favorite Neighbourhood!

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Greenwich Village, or ‘The Village,’ is not only a mecca for creative people, but also for young people and students. The streets of the Village are a great place to walk around. You’ll get the feeling of a small town. Walk by little bakeries and smell the fresh baked pastries. Do you like the vintage clothing stores? There are plenty of stores you can visit. Over the years Greenwich Village attracts more and more upscale stores to their neighbourhood. For example, Brunello Cucinelli has a store in the Village.

There are a lot of outdoor sidewalk cafés and restaurants offering outside dining. The last time in December it was 19 degrees and everybody was sitting outside enjoying the weather. It reminds me of the Netherlands, where we have many outdoor sidewalk cafés. In the summer they are full with people socializing.

What more do you find in Greenwich Village?

Already known before and famous after the episodes of Sex and the City: Magnolia Bakery. This place makes New York’s best cupcakes, at least that’s what they are saying. It’s a small but cozy bakery. I’ve been there once and I’ll stick to that. This bakery attracts many (female) tourists and just like Carrie did in the popular Sex and the City, they all want to try the cupcake.

Sit on the doorstep of Carrie's place in Sex and the City. Take pictures of the apartment of Friends. Or just see the beauty of this area.

When walking through the streets of Greenwich Village, you must plan a stop at Washington Square. One of my favorite squares in New York, because it’s so alive! Musicians and street artists entertaining the crowds. Here I can sit for hours enjoying the people, the atmosphere, and the weather in the park.

There’s only one thing I have to mention. There are people walking around trying to sell (soft) drugs. Ignore them or say no and they try it elsewhere. They don’t bother you again.

Greenwich is alive! With lots of beautiful and interesting people, a gay community, nice restaurants, and trendy cafés. The houses are elegant and the streets are charming. Visit Greenwich Village and get the real flavor of New York.
Greenwich Village
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