Aquatours-Part 3

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“Follow me” back to the boat where he took off my fins, helped me back onto the platform and then filled up two glasses of water. I was thinking I now had to drink these and we were quite far from the bathroom and I was not inclined to “go with the fishes” again as we had been counseled earlier when someone had asked about bathrooms. My worries were for naught as he took the two water glasses and poured them over my head, then handed me some paper napkins. I wish I had been somewhat more prepared, but it was nice to get some of the salt water out of my eyes.

Once everyone was back on board, it was time for a quick soda and then back to the big boat and the same procedure as before to get onto our speed boat and get us all unhooked for our trip back to the excursion headquarters. This time we drove even closer to shore and were actually in danger of smashing into a large party barge coming out to sea and we were way too close to swimmers enjoying the ocean waters. By this time the sun was out, so at least we were warming up a bit.

We actually all managed to make it back to headquarters (although one boat did stall) where there was a hose next to a pile of garbage where we could rinse off the salt water. There were flush toilets and they were cleaner than one would have expected. Pictures were posted ($8 US) and there were several reminders that the guides would appreciate a tip. Surely they deserved a tip because they worked hard. They all must be in great shape to be nimbly jumping from boat to boat and holding boats together and diving down to the bottom of the ocean to entice fish up for us to admire. All of the guides were relatively young and I imagine it is not a line of work that one could stay in for many years.

Disposable cameras were for sale. Be sure to just wear a bathing suit; everything gets totally wet. There are lockers to store anything you don’t want to bring along.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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