Aquatours-Part 1

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by berky on February 17, 2007

We wanted to do a half day excursion and little was available except for this. The tour agent sold it to us, but did not seem too enthused. We soon learned why. Only do this if you are in good physical shape and are okay with risking your life and that of others.

The tour starts out fairly innocuously with a bus trip to the headquarters on the beach where we were introduced to your guide, outfitted with a life jacket, and were given a brief overview of the excursion. There is a small feeling of trepidation as we see the speed boats are 200 feet out and we are told to swim out to the boats. We all laugh at the joke and are relieved to see a water taxi appear. Feeling safe and confident with our life jacket on, we all hop gracefully (not) into an open boat with 15 to 20 other daredevils and a few guides who assist us with the climb from lapping shore waves into bobbing boat. The fun begins as the boat picks up a small amount of speed and salt water starts to spray into the boat. This might be refreshing if it were really hot out, but the day was slightly cloudy at this time of the day.

As we get close to the line of speed boats, the large ferry boat slides alongside and with one guide holding the two vessels together, each couple hops from large boat to smaller speed boat. While we are trying to get settled, we are told to look up and smile for the obligatory picture of what a good time we are having. The process is repeated for each couple and the next process is to unhook all the boats, One of the guides does this and as he releases each boat, he hops on board and starts the boat. Standing up and leaning over the couple, he drives to the next boat and agilely leaps over to repeat the sequence. We are told to circle while waiting for everyone to be freed from the line. It is obvious that some people either do not know how to drive a boat, were not listening or do not care that they are about to smash into another boat. Defensive boat driving is a must!

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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