Haleakala Volcano

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by kona on February 7, 2007

Over 10,000 feet high, this massive volcano is the world's largest dormant volcano, and is it impressive! You drive up from sea level to over 10,000 feet in about 45 minutes along a VERY windy narrow road (watch driving in the dark, as there are goose and cattle that hang out in the middle of the road). Once atop, the scenery resembles that of a lunar landscape with big craters and rock and dirt colored in shades of brown and red. Breathtaking views above the clouds of the sea and forests below. If you go early, you can watch the sunrise, but know that it is about 30 degrees at this height and time, so bring a jacket! Besides the tremendous views, it was neat to see nene (an endangered Hawaiian goose), cattle at 6,000 feet high roaming freely, eucalyptus trees, and porcupine plants called silver sword. Some people biked down the volcano with guides, but we chose to drive a Jeep and stop along the way for pictures and exploring. The bikers rarely stopped and didn't stop for long when they did. To me, it seemed rushed. If you want to take your time exploring, I suggest renting a Jeep.
Haleakal─ü National Park
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