Member Rating 5 out of 5 by KRYSSYD on February 6, 2007

I love going to SeaWorld. If I could live at this place, I would. This SeaWorld is really nice because it is like three parks in one. It has all the animal attractions like a zoo, a lot of roller coasters like an amusment park, and then a water park all under one name: SEAWORLD!!! We did the same thing that we did in San Diego: we bought a season pass and used it everyday. The first day we went to SeaWorld, we participated in the Beluga interaction. We put on wetsuits and jumped into the frigid water of their pool (which actully felt really nice because it was 100 degrees that day). It was amazing, the beluga whales are too cute and really fun to play with. I didn't want to get out of the water. We walked around SeaWorld the whole day and saw every show possible.

The next day we did just about the same thing; I had to see their new show "Believe" at least three times. Shamu is my absolute favorite. Later that evening, we actually had dinner with Shamu. We got to sit next to a table right by Shamu's tank while we feasted on some delicious food prepared by the chef. We also got to take some amazing pictures of Shamu and his friends while we ate.

The day after that, we came back to the park to go play in their huge wave pool and large water slides they have inside the water park. We also grabbed a tube and floated down the lazy river for quite some time.

The best way to prepare for SeaWorld is to do everything over the Internet and have a print out that they can scan at the door. It's very easy and quick. I recommend this place to everyone!!

SeaWorld San Antonio
10500 Sea World Dr
San Antonio, Texas, 78251
(800) 700-7786

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