Downtown Hoedown

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by catronma on January 30, 2007

In my opinion this is not as good as the old Hot Country Jam but you will still get your music and beer! Hart Plaza and downtown Detroit is not where I would expect a country music festival to take place but Hart Plaza is a nice setting for such an event. The Plaza is situated right on the water with great views of Windsor and is also a nice place to walk if you want to get away for a few minutes. Hart plaza is also right downtown at Jefferson and Woodward and is within walking distance to the Ren Cen, Cobo Hall (which is a decent place to park for this) and all other downtown attractions.

Maybe I am just a walker but I have walked from Fox Theater over to Hart Plaza and Cobo and do not think it's a bad walk. The festival features many little known country artists, usually earlier in the day, and at least one more major artist into the evening. Hart Plaza has an amphitheatre built into the ground which makes seating much better than the old festivals that had no seating, but it is cement so it will get cold at night and rough on your rear so bring blankets! And the best part about the concert is that it is free! Yes, you get to see people like Rascal Flats, Diamond Rio, Josh Gracin, and Terri Clark for free, not to mention those you may see who will be huge next year.

There are plenty of booths set up in Hart plaza for food and beer, or take a short walk and you are back into Downtown to grab a bite, though I wouldn't recommend walking away from downtown we did this one year looking for a liquor store and did not find ourselves in the best position! This is usually held in May or June and is sponsored by the local country radio station, which has changed a lot lately, currently it is 99.5 they will have the dates for each year. There is also a downtown hoedown website you can do a search for, it will have the dates, artists, and a map.

Hart Plaza
One Hart Plaza
Detroit, Michigan, 48226
+1 313 877 8077

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