Member Rating 5 out of 5 by mightywease on January 28, 2007

Gambling and gaming are, in a way, the lifeblood of Las Vegas. Almost as soon as you step off the plane the evidence—a bank of slot machines—is in front of you. And the city caters to the smallest (5 cent slots) and largest (maximum table bets of 1,000 dollars or more) budgets.

If, like me, your gambling is restricted to a yearly bet on the Grand National and putting money into the "grabbers" at the end of Brighton Pier, then you might not want to pitch straight into five card stud, roulette, or blackjack! However, if you are careful, a bit of “when in Rome”—or in this case when in Caesar’s Palace—is a Las Vegas experience I would certainly recommend.

I can’t, however, overestimate the careful part. My only experience was on slot machines, but they were appetizingly addictive. It’s easy to get caught up in the “one last spin” frame of mind, especially if you have been winning even small amounts. It’s exciting! But it is important to know when enough is enough.

I would recommend setting yourself a limit—daily or to cover the whole length of your visit—based on what you can afford to lose and what you are prepared or happy to lose. Keep this separate from the money you have budgeted to spend on food, drink, entertainment, etc. Then, and most importantly, stick to your limit. Don’t be tempted to dip into other funds. It would be a shame to leave Vegas with a negative experience, having spent more money in the casinos than you intended. Instead, if you stick to your limit you can allow yourself the guilt-free luxury—regardless of whether you win or lose—of spending some money and, hopefully, you’ll have another positive Vegas experience.

As I said, I didn’t join any of the table games, but I did enjoy the atmosphere surrounding them. So, for anyone going to Vegas to play poker, roulette, craps, etc., thank you for letting me watch and I do hope the luck of the cards, wheel, and dice are with you.
Las Vegas Strip
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Las Vegas, Nevada

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