Mount Lemmon

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Mount Lemmon is a peak located in the Santa Catalina mountains, north of Tucson. It's a favorite passtime of locals and visitors alike, and has something for everyone.

The access road is Catalina Highway, off Tanque Verde road on the north east side of town. From there, it's about an hour drive to reach the top. The views are amazing, both of the surrounding nature and the city below. Make sure to stop at the pullouts and look around.

The drive itself is quite interesting as you will see four distinct ecological strata and the temperature will drop about 30 degrees. You'll see everything from Saguaro cacti to evergreen forests, and if you're lucky maybe some snow in the winter.

Mount Lemmon is part of Coronado National Forest, so if you want to camp or hike you can visit their website for more information. Spencer Canyon is great for summer camping to escape the heat, and there are several hiking trails nearby.

In addition to the views, camping, hiking, cabins, snow and skiing, there's pie. The Mount Lemmon Cafe in Summerhaven serves some of the best pie I've ever tasted. Get the sour apple or sour cherry - I know it sounds weird but trust me, it's good.
Mount Lemmon
Catalina Highway
Tucson, Arizona, 85619
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