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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Vicho on January 19, 2007

Would you like your holiday to be a bit more exiting? Then dive!

I visited the Biyadoo island for the second time after 10 months. In a life of an average person 10 months doesn’t mean that much but Biyadoo diving center went through big changes. Its previous excellent leader was promoted and the center got new Italian bases leader. Unfortunately, this guy did not prove himself to be very good and the interest in diving among island guests was rapidly increasing. As everything in capitalist world is driven by profit, this guy was left very soon. Center was taken over by Daniel Linares, the ex-base leader in Makunudu.

He started building all over the good fame of the center. When I was there, he had only 4 dive instructors to attend increasing interest of the guests. Diving was becoming very popular. Sometimes in the mornings even the second boat was borrowed from the other island so all divers get maximum from their dive. This is not only for a bigger comfort of the guests but mainly for a better security. Normally mornings dives require more experience as they take place in the canals-promising big fishes to be seen. Using all instructors and the base leader, there were never more then 5 people with one instructor, but usually 3-4.

As for the dive sites: In the morning I would recommend Guraidho corner or Cocoa corner. These sites are not with that much current-if you are lucky and you can still see a lot. If current is what you want then go for Kandooma Thila or Medu Faru. I am not current and wave’s friend so I enjoyed the afternoon dives. Triton Giri with high probability of seeing frogfish, Villivary Giri and its Ghostfish or Horua Hura and its cozy caves full of small creatures.

Biyadoo diving center also organizes a wreck dive to Kuda Giri Wreck. This boat is at the depth of 30 meters and is very well preserve. For me it will look better when corals will start taking over but men appreciate it as it is now. House reef in Biyadoo is very nice dive, as well. It is an obligatory check dive to be admitted for the boat dives. After showing to the instructor that you can loose and find your regulator and your mask, you will enjoy nice calm dive where with a bit of luck you will see turtles, lobsters, rays, morays, sharks, napoleons or octopuses.

Biyadoo have dive sites for everyone, from beginners to very advanced divers searching for real adventure. Dive normally sums up to 60 dollars per dive but dive packages and discounts are provided. Courses from baptize dive to instructor course can be taken here. Experienced diving instructors are here to teach you and make you feel good while diving.

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