Trident Hilton Agra

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by cjg1 on January 16, 2007

My experiences at the Trident Hilton Agra left me with a good feeling from and honest attempt to make the customer happy. I was well received at check-in and was shown to my room. To my dismay it was a two twin bed room but that’s really ok in the scheme of things. This allowed me to jump in the shower and just enjoy my first hour to myself in a week.

The main feature of this hotel is its courtyard. This is where the pool is located and also many places to sit and a large hill in the center. It really would be worth staying a night here if I felt Agra deserved more than just one night. And as such I would pick the Sheraton instead in the future.

Rates here go from the very affordable $30 a night to the insane, no way would I pay that for this place $110 and up. When you can get it cheap, and I paid about $80 for my night because I delayed, it is worth the stay.

The service here was extraordinary. I was finally in a place with Internet as my hotel in Bombay did not have it. Well the room I was in it would not work. There was something wrong with the router. It was giving me signal but the WAN was not working. They called in the IT guy at 11pm on a Saturday night to troubleshoot it with me. He could not fix it but the fact that they went to all that trouble for me impressed me to no end.

Come morning and check out I had no trouble getting the charge for it taken off the bill and was very very happy with my stay.
Trident Hilton Agra
Agra, India

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