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This delicious little secret is located within the beautiful halls of the Galerias St. Hubert, a nice collection of interesting shops and services just down the street from central Brussels' maginificent Grand Place.

One of Belgium's oldest chocolatiers, Neuhaus was founded in 1857 by Swiss chocolatier Jean Neuhaus. The Galeries St. Hubert location is its most popular and original branch, operating every day for over 130 years. The history of the store is evident, and entering its doors and thereby smelling the sweet aromas of chocolates and fillings, causes complete and utter euphoria in the average person.

I entered to find white-clad professionals tackling their trade, forming delcious morsels of chocolatey goodness by the thousands. One of the workers approached me and offered samples of their delcious product, which I happily devoured. I walked past the seemingly endless array of fresh chocolates and truffles, and picked a few fruit-filled ones and some cremes.

The staff were kind and willing to help out with my questions regarding nuts and cross-contamination (since I have an allergy). They pointed me to the chocolates that were safe for me to purchase. I happily perused the store, drunk off of the sweet aroma of the cocoa bean in the air.

Knowing full-well that these chocolates are of high quality and come with an even higher price tag, I was quite conservative with my choices. My small grab bag of 5 delicious chocolates cost me around 4 euros, a hefty price but completely worth it. It's a sliver of heaven right here on earth.

Gift boxes and chocolates that are well past their prime are somewhat more economical, with decent selections starting at around 10 euros per box.

Neuhaus can be found on the World Wide Web at:
61 Avenue Louise
Brussels, Belgium, 1000
+32 2 544 06 00

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