Wrigley Field

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I like to call Wrigley Field Chicago's largest beer garden. Indeed, it is a popular spot to spend a summer afternoon despite the Cubs' less than stellar performances in the last, oh, 99 years. In fact, the Cubs haven't won a World Series since 1908.

Not that it matters. Droves of fans visit Wrigley and claim almost every seat in the stadium each year. Although many games sell out early, tickets are often released on game day or can be bought outside the stadium. Surrounding Wrigley are a variety of restaurants and sports bars to enjoy before or after a game. If you want to avoid crowds, I suggest you leave the area, however.

You can reach Wrigley fairly easily by taking the CTA red line to the Addison stop. Street parking is hard to find and the lots are expensive. If you don't mind walking or taking a bus, you could park a mile west of Clark street on Addison with little problem.

While there are a few seats with an obstructed view, most of the seats offer a great view of the field. Some people love to sit in the bleachers, but be warned... the Bleacher Bum crowd can be loud and unruly.

The stadium itself is beautiful, with its ivy covered outfield walls and old fashioned scoreboard. After the passing of legendary announcer Harry Carey, a guest celebrity usually carries on his tradition of singing "Take Me Out To the Ball Game" during the seventh inning stretch.

Souvenirs are aplenty at the ball park, but you'll find more reasonable prices at the souvenir shops near the stadium.

While a variety of food and drink options are available, I recommend the traditional hot dog washed down with an Old Style beer. Oh, and bring your own peanuts. They're cheaper outside the stadium.
Wrigley Field
1060 West Addison Street
Chicago, Illinois, 60613
(773) 404-2827


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