Lombard Street

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Known as the "crookest street in San Francisco", it is one of the most popular attraction in the city. The hill is paved and lined with a spectacular arrangement of shrubs and flowers make this one of the most photogenic stops on your trip.

Location/Getting Here
Cable Car. The easiest way to get here is taking the Powell-Hyde cable car line and getting off at the Lombard street stop. The gripmen on the cable cars will let you know where the stop is as it is one of the most popular stops on the line. 

Car. You can only drive one way on this section of Lombard Street. Going Down... To get here get on Hyde St and then turn onto Lombard street to start the slow trek down the street at 5 mph whilst negotiating the many switchbacks.

Walking. You can always walk to Lombard street but depending on where you are coming from it might be a long steep climb to get there.

With the 27 degree drop on the hill it can feel like you can make one slip and you would roll all the way to the bottom. However the views and landscaping make it more than worthwhile.

For those not driving down the street there are two wide sidewalks with steps cut into them. The steps are shallow make it easy for everyone to experience the sights. To fully appreciate the area it is best to walk to the bottom of the hill as the views from the bottom are even more spectacular than from the top.

The landscaping on the hill is fantastic. There is an abundance of manicured bushes shrubs and explosion of colors with the thousands of flowers in the flowerbeds that line the street.

If you have the time to visit this attraction I would highly recommend it. It's easy to get off the cable car, spend some time exploring then hop right back on the next cable car.

Lombard Street
Between Leavenworth and Hyde Streets on Russian Hill
San Francisco, California


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