Christ the Redeemer

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Absolutely no visit to Rio de Janeiro is complete without ascending Corcovado Mountain's steep walls to the Cristo Redentor monument (Christ the Redeemer). Seen from almost everywhere in Rio, this statue showing Christ with outstretched arms, seemingly hugging and blessing the city, is THE cultural highlight of Rio.

To get to the monument, take a Corcovado-marked bus from your hotel in Copacabana. This bus will take you to the Tram station at the base of the mountain in suburban Rio. From here, enter the tram building and pay the hefty $17 USD entrance fee, then you're on your way. Lines are very long, so expect to wait up to two hours before there is room on the tram. The tram uses cog railway technology, so you stay on the ground the entire time during your ascent.

Avoid hawkers trying to sell you a taxi ride up the mountain. They will try to get your cooperation by telling you that they will stop halfway up for photos, and at other turnouts. For the true experience, take the old tramway. There is a small cafe at the tram station. Beverages and food are at premium prices (around $2-$3 USD), so bring your own.

Make sure to visit the excellent museum depicting the creation and construction of this beautiful monument. Once you ascend the mountain, the tram will drop you off at the statue's lower level. From here, take the escalators to the monument base.

The sun can beat down very hard, so dress appropriately. The views from the top of the monument are not for the faint of heart, as you are extremely high up, and on a very steep cliff. For Catholics, there is a small shrine for worship at the rear of the monument. Expect large crowds almost everywhere. Getting a good angle of yourself and the monument can be tough with all the crowds.

For more info, visit the monument's website at:
Christ the Redeemer Statue (O Cristo Redentor)
Corcovado Mountain
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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