Charles Bridge

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by morph! on January 1, 2007

Charles Bridge - magical, bustling, busy - amazing.

Definitely a highlight of my trip to Prague, Charles Bridge's charms vary with the time of day you arrive. Before I'd been I'd heard (thanks to!) that the bridge was best in early morning with nobody else around. Well I didn't make it up that early(!) but midmorning, afternoon and evening it was a very special place.

The bridge is lined by statues of saints, each with its own individual story, and we spent a good while when the bridge wasn't too busy deciding on our favourites!

The soundtrack to our visit was created by clusters of buskers - from saxophonists to folk bands there was something to suit everyone's ears.

The bridge is also a good setting for shoppers - with craft stalls sheltering under the saints. Wood ornaments, portrait paintings and jewelery all vied for our attention as we moved slowly across through the crowds of tourists.

Bisecting the city in two, Charles Bridge is easy to find - in the centre of Prague and in the middle of every map. The nice thing about it was that it's a tourist attraction that's totally free. And there's something on the bridge that will suit every tourist's tastes.

The one downside is that the bridge is always packed. My group more than once lost members as we walked across to the surrounding stalls.

If you don't mind the bustle, it's a beautiful way to reach your destination.
Charles Bridge
Karluv Most
Prague, Czech Republic, 110 00

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