Skylofts at MGM Grand

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by friedmanm on December 31, 2006

Wow. A hotel within a hotel, the Skylofts at MGM Grand are among the nicest properties I have ever seen.

We arrived in the early afternoon and chatted with an employee about the original Nechita on the wall. She took us up to the lofts section to complete the check-in.

Note: There is a pre-arrival concierge named Erica who takes care of you ahead of time. We requested Danny Gans tickets (she got us dead center, about 25 rows back.), green Bulgari amenities instead of the white (done) and only diet Cokes and water in the fridge (there was some alcohol still there, but plenty of what we asked for). All the non-alcoholic beverages in your fridge are free.

The check-in is actually done in your loft. We were met with a large box of berries, several chocolate displays and glasses of fresh juice (cantaloupe, with coconut and vanilla extract). We were also introduced to our butler, who showed us around the loft. Normally, that process takes about 30 seconds. In this case, it took 15 minutes. They had everything, and I mean everything, covered. Need to recharge your I-Pod? There were two I-Pod chargers/speakers. Need to tell people where you were? You get personalized business cards. There was an office space, dining area, etc., in the downstairs portion of the loft. We ended up with Unit 91, which is the biggest of the 1-bedroom (we did not book through FHR, which was more expensive.). One word of caution: the living room is sunken, and I tripped over the step frequently.

Upstairs was also incredible. The bed was quite comfortable and the butler noted that there were 13 different types of pillows, in case the first twelve weren't right. The bathroom was huge, with an infinity soaking tub (think infinity pool) and a shower about the size of a steam room (five shower heads). There were two televisions in the bathroom alone, one over the sink and the other over the bathtub.

One of the benefits was being able to get room service from any of the MGM restaurants. At one point, we had four people in our room, two doing turndown, two delivering and setting up the room service (okay, one was the butler, who was there to show me how to work the coffee maker). Come to think of it, it was a touch uncomfortable, since I'm not used to living like a king. Overall, we saw far more employees than we did other guests.

At times, we felt like we never needed to leave the room. My wife got the flu one night and we ended up staying in the room. Fortunately, all the "pay per view" movies were free, so we had a chance to lie back, order room service and relax. Rooms start at $600 per night, but are worth every penny.
Skylofts at MGM Grand
3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas NV
Las Vegas, Nevada
(702) 891-1111

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