Museum of Science

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by npt4279 on December 31, 2006

I have a 8 year old cousin who could be called a bit... odd. She likes building motors, radios, and other electronic gizmos in her spare time. Ok, so she does put together children's engineering kits, but, still, when I was 8 I was busy shooting other neighborhood kids with rubber band guns.

So, what to do when she visited me in Boston? Why, take her to the Museum of Science, of course! I think she liked it as much as I would have liked a trip to Venice.

Her favorite part (and mine) had to be the Van Graaf generator in the Theater of Electricity. About once every hour or so, the Museum "lights it up" in a thunderous array of sparks and lightning. I imagine it would be scary for the younger children, but it was quite a show.

If you need to entertain a child with the slightest bit of interest in science and engineering, you can't go wrong at the Museum of Science.
Museum of Science
1 Museum Of Science Driveway at Science Park
Boston, Massachusetts, 02114
(617) 723-2500

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