Les Quatre Gats

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Tolik on December 28, 2006

This historic restaurant was founded in 1897 and designed by Puig Cadafalch in Neo-Gothic style. The restaurant is world famous for its relationship with Picasso when he lived in Barcelona (he designed first menu and came often to the place). Its name means "Four Cats", which is a Spanish expression meaning "a few unimportant persons". More of a cafe than a restaurant, it was a meeting place for famous artists like Pablo Picasso, Miguel Utrillo, and Ramón Casas. The place stills breaths the bohemian atmosphere from the beginning of the 20th century. Make reservations or be prepared to wait awhile. You can choose to sit either downstairs or upstairs with often live music. As one should expect, it is a little expensive (€15 – 20), but the seafood and live entertainment are very good.
Quatre Gats (Els)
Montsió, 3 bis
Barcelona, Spain, 08002
+34 93 3024140


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