Eiffel Tower

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by D.Barcia on December 28, 2006

It is the most visited monument in the world. I’m sure you’ve seen many photos of the Eiffel Tower on the Internet and in different movies, but it is nothing like seeing it in person. I visited the Tower last summer, on a tour bus. On the way to the tower, we saw a movie where the Eiffel Tower was shown; but I was completely taken by surprise at the tower’s immense size when we arrived. The tower stands at 320 meters or 1,052 feet; it was the tallest structure in the world from 1889 to 1930, it lost its title when the Chrysler Building was built. To give you a better idea of how big it is; you could stack 6 Statue of Liberties on top of each other and it still wouldn’t be enough to match the size of the Eiffel Tower.

If you want to get there before big lines builds up, you better get there bright and early in the morning; you do not want to get there at 2 in the afternoon to find more than an hour’s wait to get in. Yes, there is an admission fee, but it’s totally worth it. There is a chart on their homepage, www.tour-eiffel.fr, that shows the different prices according to age, floors, etc. There are two ways to get up the Eiffel Tower; by elevator or by stairs. Most likely, you will like to take the elevator, but the line to get on an elevator will be much longer than the line to go up the stairs. If you want to skip the line, and take the stairs then you will have to climb 115 meters and then take the elevator anyways if you want to go to the top of the tower. If you are visiting the Eiffel Tower during the peak season, as I did, the wait will be long to go to the top. In my opinion, there’s no reason to go up higher when you already have a marvelous view of the city. If you want to see what I’m talking about, view the photos attached to this journal. After you finish taking all your pictures of the view, comes the most dangerous part of this experience (if you’re not visiting alone). You’re probably asking yourself how the Eiffel Tower can possibly be dangerous. When I visited the tower, my entire family went up the tower and got in line to go back down by elevator. The system of going back down by elevator is simply horrible! Everyone was smashed together into one big cluster of pushing and shoving. Somehow, one of the younger members of my family got pushed into the elevator and they wouldn’t let one of our family members go with him. So, when we got to the bottom we had to spend 15 minutes (scariest 15 minutes of my life) trying to find him. In conclusion, this is amazing place to visit if you are careful.

Eiffel Tower
Champ De Mars
Paris, 75007


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