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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by willowdell on December 22, 2006

The resort was amazing. My husband and I stayed in a one-bedroom condo on the second floor facing the pool area. We had spectacular views of the pool and the ocean from our two balconies. Each balcony had two chairs, but there wasn't much room for anything else! We went in October, and it was HOT outside, but the temperature of the accommodations was adjustable by our own thermostat, which was nice. The floors and almost everything was of beautiful tile. The kitchen had everything that we needed and more. We thought it was funny because my husband is tall and the kitchen "bar" area was obviously made for smaller people. The TV and stereo were very nice, as were the couches and chairs to sit on in the living area.

The bath was awesome, with a sliding glass door and jets! We had to wonder about the water room/bathroom, though. There was, what appeared to be, an area with a ledge that you could sit on in there. Through the whole vacation, we joked about what it could be for. We took a picture of it for laughs.

The bed was very comfortable and nice. Every day the maid came in and cleaned! We have never had this in any of the condos that we stayed at before, without an additional charge.

If you're looking for a resort with a huge beach, this is definitely not it. We had more fun at the pool, which was beautiful and very nice. The beach, if you want to call it that, was just big enough for the chairs and shade huts that were part of the resort. Keep in mind that the "beach" is considered public in Cancun, so you will have folks pandering T-shirts, jewelry, etc., while you are lying there relaxing. We also had a situation where some locals took up residency at the beach area, played loud music, and were generally rude all around. We had to move to the other side to avoid them.

The restaurant was excellent, and we would highly recommend it, especially for dinnertime. At night you can eat and look out over the ocean, and it is very beautiful and peaceful. One night after eating we found some locals fishing right there. They were pulling in amazing numbers of fish with their nets. Everyone was very friendly at the resort, and the service was superb.

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