Manuel Antonio National Park

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Linda Hoernke on December 19, 2006

Manuel Antonio became a National Park in 1972. Even though the Park is the smallest in the country, its combination of rainforest, beaches and coral reefs make it the most beautiful. We walked to Manuel Antonio National Park from our hotel and hiked the Cathedral Trail into the rainforest. The trail took us up and over the top of a peninsula to Playa Manual Antonio. We saw large iguanas, birds and scorpion tail geckos. The view of the Pacific Ocean were only enhanced by the sparkling springs and dense jungle around us. The water is crystal clear and we swam off a rocky point before continuing along the coastal part of the trail and back into the jungle. We reached Playa Espadilla, a horse shoe shaped cove of white sand lined with palm trees. We swam the waters and watched colorful crabs the size of my fist scamper across the rocks . The humidity and heat were extreme on the hike back. We saw a coati tear apart a wooden log to feed on the insects within. Another one followed us down the trail before climbing a tree and disappearing. This place had a magic to it and was at the top of our list of favorite places within the country.
Manuel Antonio National Park
Manuel Antonio Park Road
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

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