South Street Seaport

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by IsabelleTravels on December 17, 2006

I know what you are probably thinking. How can someone consider the South Street Seaport a relaxing, cheap option in NYC? Well, allow me a moment to explain.

What is South Street Seaport?

South Street Seaport is filled with history and is now a tourist destination. Tourists came here because the area is home to some of New York cities oldest buildings. Renovations have encouraged more tourist visits because there is now a mall, restaurants, museums, and boat tours. Besides the mall, it is reminiscent of Old New York. The added value of South Street Seaport is that there are street performers and its on the East River location makes it an ideal place to catch the Brooklyn Skyline.

Museum and Shop

South Street Seaport Museum Family fun giving visitors a look back into NY's history. Admission: $8 adults; $6 students/seniors with ID; $4 children 5-12; children under 5 and Museum Members free. On Mondays, admission for adults is $5, seniors and students $3, and children age 5-12, $1.

Shop. There are typical mall stores like Bath and Body Works or Abercrombie and Fitch. There are also New York focused boutiques where NYC themed art is for sale. There is a little bit for everyone

Why is it cheap? How is it relaxing?

Here's where I offer advice. If you go into the shops and window shop your way right past all the stores and food places, there's a deck with a bunch of deck chairs where you can sit to your heart's content. Here you get a great view of Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Bridge. The deck chairs are comfortable and this is probably one of the best places to catch up on some reading, take in the sites or just RELAX. And it is absolutely free.

Last bit of advice: FOOD
NYC is known for its great restaurants. I would have to say that South Street Seaport is not a place to eat. Like any mall in America, the food options are boring and highly priced. I did eat at the Irish pub and was highly disappointed. The sandwich was two pieces of wonder bread with about 1 1/2 inches of the saltiest turkey I've ever tasted piled inside. Mayonnaise rounded out the sandwich. No lettuce, no tomato. Every bite of this sandwich burned my mouth. It was that salty. As a side item, I choose potato salad. The potato salad was diced potatoes with mayo. White bread, white turkey, mayo and potatoes. There was no color to this dish and absolutely no flavor but salt. Please look elsewhere for your food, don't make the same mistake I did.

I recommend this area to anyone who really loves NYC and wants to see it in the closest resemblance to its history available today.

South Street Seaport and Seaport Museum
Fulton & South Streets, Pier 17
New York, New York, 10038
(212) 732-8257

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