Manuel Antonio National Park

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by IsabelleTravels on December 10, 2006

Manuel Antonio is hard to categorize because it offers a little bit for everyone. When we arrived at the location, there were many tour guides available to offer us a tour of the animals located inside the park. We opted to wait till we got to the park entrance to get a tour guide. I highly recommend doing this. Our tour guide was roughly $15. He was great. He really took the time to show us the animals. In the amount of time we walked around the park, we saw the tourguide outside the park who wanted us to use him. He had taken two groups of people through in the time our guide took us through once! During the tour we saw many iguanas and sloths. We got really good at finding the animals after a couple of tips on how to look for them. He took us a little off the main path to a waterfall. When we were done, we were so thirsty. There's a little shop for drinks and we bought our tourguide a drink. He was so grateful. The tourguide and the drink were both so refreshing. After we parted, we went a short hike to get to a nice look-out point. Here we could see the beaches and the pacific ocean. It was truly amazing. When we were done with all of that, we relaxed on the beach.
Manuel Antonio National Park
Manuel Antonio Park Road
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

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