Victoria Falls Bungee Jump

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Jason Elite on November 28, 2006

The first time I saw the Victoria Falls was hanging upside down on the bungee jump! I'll never forget the sight of the falls peeking through the magnificent Batoka Gorge as I bobbed up and down after my thrilling jump (my first and only bungee jump).

The famous bungee jump at Victoria Falls is probably the most scenic in the world and, standing at 111m, is also amongst the highest. If you're going to bungee jump anywhere in the world, this is the place to do it. Operated by Africa Extreme, this bungee jump has a perfect safety record and is run in a very professional manner - no chances are taken and you will be very well looked-after.

The cost of the jump is approximately US$80, although it does fluctuate. You get to jump for free if you're "crew" (i.e. a tour leader) and bring any paying customers with you. Additional possibilities beyond the basic jump include doing a tandem jump tied to another brave soul and buying a video (a whopping US$40) or digital pictures of your exploits (US$10). I'm fairly certain that if you buy the video you get to jump for free again sometime during the next year - just ask and they will explain.

Getting to the jump site is easy - just take any minibus or taxi towards the falls; the jump centre is a short walk past the entrance to the Victoria Falls National Park. Since you are technically leaving Zambia and entering no-man's land between Zambia and Zimbabwe, you'll need to talk briefly with the Zambian immigration officials; just explain that you're there for the bungee jump and you'll have no problem. Just don't forget to have somebody else hold on to your passport while you jump!

Once you've paid for your jump you'll be weighed and measured and make your way toward the jump site on the bridge. While the crew is securing you to the rope and back-up line, you'll be briefed on any relevant safety issues. After that, it's a matter of moments before they send you on your merry way.

It really is a long, long, long way down; when you wiggle over to the edge and look down before you jump, you may get a little freaked out - hang in there (pun intended) and wait for the countdown. 5-4-3-2-1-Bungee! Throw yourself into the void and this once-in-a-lifetime ride.

If you've come all the way to Zambia to see the Victoria Falls, why not join in the fun and throw yourself off of a perfectly good bridge? Let's be honest - if you don't do the jump you may well regret it for the rest of your life. And what would you tell your friends back home? That you travelled all that way just to watch everyone else jump? Happy jumping!
Victoria Falls (Mosi-O-Tunya)
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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