Los Caracoles

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by stacey_gomez on November 27, 2006

This place is great, super old world - it has been around forever and you can rest assured that whatever you order will be delicious. We were originally drawn in by the roasting chickens on the exterior corner of the building. It's always packed by locals and tourists alike. The bartenders are great and so is the wait staff - the place has great character and makes for a very festive dining experience. It was the first time I ate snails... clearly at the urging of the establishment's name and they weren't too bad, but I think my heart belongs to the chicken and the cochinillo. This restaurant is in the far corner of Plaza Real... PLEASE be careful in the dark alley way though as it is the site of many a pick pocket. And if you're feeling a little party afterward, there is a very tiny bar a few doors down. It's a bi-level and you can barely move, but the music rocks and the drinks are cheap... for the life of me, I cannot remember the name but it starts with an M and may actually be "Macarena."
Los Caracoles
Escudellers 14
Barcelona, Spain
(93) 302-3185


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