Wild Horse Saloon

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by svearvaldyr on November 26, 2006

The Wild Horse is one of Tennessee's top restaurants and night spots. It's a converted three storey warehouse that's been decked out beautifully in stylish decor and truly stunning artwork. Whether you want to actually have a meal or see a show there, it's well worth popping in to check out the murals that cover the walls - beautifully painted wild horses, galloping around the room (and in three dimensions across the high vaulted ceiling).

To only check out the pictures would be to miss out on a lot though. One of the premier live music venues in Music City, they host an array of concerts and performances from any one of their various house bands throughout the year. I don't remember the name of the act that was playing when I was there, but they were excellent and not so loud that you can't still speak to the people you're with. In addition the Wild Horse boasts the biggest TV screen in Nashville, free line dancing lessons on certain days of the week, good beer and excellent food.

For me, this was the best thing about the place: the food. They pull a lot of people through the doors year in, year out but the food is of a really high standard. If you do go eat there make sure you have something that's been barbecued. It doesn't really matter what, but they make just about the best barbecue sauce I've ever tasted.

You can find the Wild Horse on 2nd Avenue and it's open 7 days. It's a great place to drop into just to have a look around as you're wandering around Nashville's city centre, but I heartily recommend that you stop in and have some BBQ. It's not cheap, but it's worth every penny.
Wildhorse Saloon
120 2nd Ave. North
Nashville, Tennessee, 37201
(615) 902-8200


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