Black Sand Beach

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by shepherd333 on November 24, 2006

On a drive out to Hana, there is a favorite tourist stop that most people like to stop and see. It is called "Black Sand Beach", and is just that... a beach that is made up of pure black sand.

The sand is the product of the surrounding black lava rock. However, this is the only beach on the island that features this color sand. Most people come to walk around and take pictures, but not so much to sunbathe. Since the sand is black, people don't want to get dirty by swimming and laying down in black sand.

There is a picnic area for people to stop and have lunch (since the road to Hana is a long and desolate one). Funny enough, while we were sitting at one of the picnic benches having lunch, 5 black cats came up to our table begging for food! It was ironic to see so many solid black cats on "Black Sand Beach". Weird!
Waianapanapa/Wai'anapanapa State Park
Highway 360
Hana, Hawaii

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