Boston Public Gardens

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by gatorgirl1977 on November 8, 2006

Right next to Boston Common, the United States oldest park, is Boston Public Gardens. This is a gorgeous spot where you will find all kinds of places to sit and spend your time. You can view the beautiful flowers, or you can stroll next to a statue of George Washington riding a horse. You can take a ride on the world-famous Swan boats, or you can sit and ponder the cute Make Way For Ducklings Statue. For a park of extremely limited size, the Public Gardens packs a might punch.

The park is well maintained and very clean. Unlike many other public parks I have visited, I didn't notice a large number of homeless there even though we arrive prior to 8am. I felt extremely safe and at peace. The park is free to visitors, and is situated very close to some of the other sights of Boston. It is a quick walk across the street to Boston Common and the T station. Also the Bull and Finch Pub, or Cheers, is located to the south of the park directly across the street.

My friend and I toured the park and found it to be unbelieveably calm and beautiful. There is a lovely wooden bridge that crosses a pond surrounded by willows. The flowers were in full bloom even though it was late August, and it was definantly a refreshing stop. Like I stated earlier it is not a very large garden, but it does contain a lot of things worth viewing. My favorite sight in the park is the Make Way for Ducklings Statue. Make Way for Ducklings is an award winning children's book that is set in Boston Public Gardens. It made me smile just to look at the mother duck followed by numerous baby ducklings. I would have loved to ride the Swan boats too, but unfortunantly they don't run in rainy weather or before around 10am.

This is an experience I can't wait to try the next time I head to Boston! I would definantly return back to Boston Public Gardens if for nothing else than to stop and smell the flowers.

Boston Public Garden
Adjacent to Boston Common
Boston, Massachusetts
(617) 522-1966

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