Cheers Beacon Hill

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by gatorgirl1977 on November 8, 2006

While in Boston, my friend and I decided that we ought to go "where everybody knows your name, and where they're always glad you came." We decided to eat at Cheers on Beacon Street. This pub was originally called the Bull and Finch Pub and was the inspiration for the TV series Cheers.

There are two Cheers restaurants in Boston, this one and the one located in the Quincy Market area. The one at Quincy Market is an exact replica of the one on the TV show. When we arrive it is sufficient to say that the pub was crowded and tons of people where having a blast! The atmosphere is casual and very laid back.

The inside of the Beacon Street Cheers bears some resemblance to the one on the TV show, but it is not an exact match. However, the part of Cheers the show that I remember the most was when the patrons had to walk down the narrow stairs to enter the pub, and this is true of Cheers on Beacon Street. The pub itself is filled with Cheers memorabilia and autographs of famous patrons.

We were quickly seated and both chose to order the Cheers Cheese Burger. It was about $10 and came with fries. It was a really good hamburger! It was excellently prepared and very tasty. The restaurant has numerous other casual dining options like chicken sandwiches and other standard American favorites.  In addition to the food, the pub also features a gift shop that sell Cheers memorabilia. We looked around there after we finished dinner. It contains basic mugs, shirts, etc. all bearing the Cheers emblem. The restaurant also has a website. It is It showcases information about both Cheers locations, and you can check out the menu.

Overall, it was a fun way to spend a casual evening. We had a great time, even though due to the crowds we did feel we needed to hurry so that other patrons could enter the space. The waitstaff were slightly harried, but I imagine that I would be as well if I had that many people coming in to my facility.

If you are looking to relive your Cheers fantasies, you would probably be happier with the location at Quincy Market, but this was a neat experience to see the inspiration.

Cheers Beacon Hill
84 Beacon Street
Boston, Massachusetts, 02108
(617) 227-9605

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