Holiday Inn

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by notso62 on November 6, 2006

When it comes to European Hotels, I typically try to stay in chains I have heard of in the US—a kind of insurance that I won’t book myself into some youth hostel unintentionally. I came to stay in the Holiday Inn my first time in Eindhoven by this method.

The Holiday Inn is in the Center of Eindhoven - convenient to the train (within a mile) and easy to catch a cab to. If you drive yourself, be aware that this is a tricky establishment to find (even with a map). The hotel is located between two one-way streets - one of which seems impossible to get to as you circle the block. It was very frustrating after a long trip to try to get myself actually to the hotel parking lot. They should really give more explicit directions in their information. Still, the neighborhood that the Holiday Inn is in seems quite nice (pretty trees line the street, etc.) and seems pretty safe. No complaints about the neighborhood quality.

The Holiday Inn was not the worst Holiday Inn I had ever stayed in, but wasn’t the best either. The rooms were mid-range for hotels in the area. The rooms were nice - newer bed linens and curtains than other places - but nothing too luxurious. The rest of the hotel still seemed to be decorated as it was in the 1970s - everything was very Art Deco and slightly cliché.

The nicest part of this hotel by far is the fitness center and beautiful indoor pool. The fitness center has a treadmill and other equipment which is much more than other European hotels - especially because it is included with the room (some other hotels have extra-charge spas).

The Holiday Inn is convenient to downtown Eindhoven (a little further than walking distance to the center/marketplace, but this area is served by public transportation). There are several nice restaurants in the neighborhood of this hotel as well making a car not completely necessary.

I would stay at the Holiday Inn again if I had to, but only if the Dorint and the Mandarin were completely full. This is an alright hotel, but there is nicer at this price range that is more convenient to downtown Eindhoven.

Holiday Inn
Veldmaarschalk Montgomerylaan 1
Eindhoven, Netherlands
+31 40 243 32 22

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