Japanese Friendship Garden

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by pinguinigal on November 1, 2006

This an absolutely beautiful place to go. There are several ponds filled with different colored khoi fish, there are benches to sit down, lots of grass, there are bridges to walk over, paths...

At lunch time it is filled with people sitting on those benches or grass to eat their lunch. It is an ideal place to have a romantic picnic, or just spend a nice afternoon.

Once you go past the main entrance, and over the bridge you go through a path and come to another pond (other than the main one) where you can buy food to feed the khoi fish. And boy are they hungry! If you watch the pond for long enough you can even see khoi jumping out of the water. It's great!

There is also a back entrance/exit that you come in through which leads to a park-y kind of place where you can barbecue. It would be a nice area to spend the whole day in if you wanted to go to the adjacent happy hollow zoo and park.

best of all it's free to go in!
Japanese Friendship Garden
1300 Senter Road
San Jose, California, 95112
(408) 277-2757


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