Kuranda Skyrail: A Rainbow, Lots of Fog, & The End

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This entry is a continuation of Kuranda Skyrail: Kuranda to Barron Falls.

There were a fair number of other people on the various lookout platforms, but everyone was friendly, moved if you wanted a picture, and even offered to take pictures of you in front of the waterfall. We ran into one person from Melbourne, who proceeded to mock the terrible Queensland weather and its advertising as the "smart state," hoping to get a rise out of James. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, because he agreed with her (and who couldn’t agree about the unseasonably rainy weather being a bit…unwanted on a holiday?!).

As we were walking back, it started pouring rain again, and we broke into a run, pounding on the wooden planks of the boardwalk in an attempt to not get too soaked. The line wasn't very long at all for going back to Caravonica, since the majority of people seemed to be stopping on their way to Kuranda.

As our gondola glided back across the rainforest, the Barron river valley was on our left side. It was drizzling, but the sun was still out. James was busy trying to pick out the hydroelectric station when we saw a beautiful rainbow, stretching from the valley just over the tops of the trees. It was a spectacular last image to remember of the rainforest (and the pictures we got certainly don't do it justice), since we soon reached the clouds of Red Peak, we could barely see five feet in front of us. We spent most of the rest of the ride watching gondolas magically appear from and disappear into the fog.

Even though the weather was pretty terrible at some points, it pulled together enough that it was still worth the $54 ticket. The rainforest was absolutely spectacular, and the Skyrail is a unique idea that allows you to experience the rainforest while shielding you from the elements. It's a completely different feeling to walking through a rainforest, where everything towers around you, engulfing you in smells, sounds, and the feeling of wet air. In the Skyrail, you understand how tall and powerful each individual part of the rainforest is, but it is the huge expanse of the forest that leaves you in awe, with its huge array of flora, fauna, and natural wonders it has to offer you at any angle you choose to look at it from.
Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

Cairns, Queensland


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