Philadelphia Museum of Art

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by mre16 on October 12, 2006

The Philadelphia Museum of Art has a vast collection (one of the largest in the US). We lingered in the Impressionist Era and were in awe of their Monet’s, Manet’s, Degas’ and The Sunflower painting by Vincent Van Gogh.

Here’s the clincher about the museum - we bought the City Pass (for one day only) and as I mentioned before, it just wasn’t worth it for one day. The City Pass includes admission into the Museum yet when I presented it to the cashier, they acted as if they’d never heard of such a thing before, let alone held one in their hand. They let us in the Museum, but for general admission only. Special exhibits are an additional charge.

We found ample parking (no charge) in the "back" of the museum (hard to say where the back is because it's perched high on a hill and has entrances on two sides) or the side not facing the city.
Philadelphia Museum of Art
26th Street And The Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19130
(215) 235-7469

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