Auto Log & Tunnel Log

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Auto Log and Tunnel Log are two nostalgic pieces of Sequoia National Park's history. They are located near each other in an easily accessible part of the park and take only a few minutes a piece to view and photograph. Highly recommended when you consider the value-to-time spent ratio... and kids will get a kick out of Tunnel Log!

Auto Log is a fallen Giant Sequoia that visitors used to drive their cars onto and take pictures. People have been doing this since the 1920s! However, Auto Log is rotting and can no longer support the weight of the cars, making taking the famous picture strictly verboten. But you can climb on top of the log and take a picture of yourself. Still fun, but I guess it's not quite the same experience. I've also seen people take pictures of their cars in front of the Auto Log. The last time I was there, I saw someone taking a picture of their bright-yellow Hummer... Two things I despise: Hummers and yellow cars.

Tunnel Log is also a fallen Sequoia. It fell over a road and was tunneled through. It's the only Sequoia that you can drive through in the park. But if your car is too big or you're just scared that the log will collapse, there is a small bypass road.

You can reach both of these sights via Moro Rock-Crescent Meadow Road. If you are traveling north along the General's Highway, make a right before the Giant Forest Museum and then follow the signs for about 2 miles. You can't miss them!
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