Big Trees Trail

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The Big Trees Trail is a 1.2 mile loop trail that is paved and handicap accessible. It circles Round Meadow in the Giant Forest section of Sequoia National Forest. The trail can be reached by parking at the Giant Forest Museum and following the signs. There is also a small parking lot for cars with handicap plackards closer to the trail. Both of these parking lots are on the General's Highway, the main road running through the park, and the small handicap lot is on the left side after the Museum if you're heading north.

The Big Trees Trail provides a nice introduction to the Giant Forest Sequoia Grove if you've never been to the park. There are informative panels all over the trail to enhance your understanding of the Giant Sequoias. Topics include the shallow root systems of the Sequoias, the difference between Sequoias and Redwoods, and the structure and function of the Sequoias' thick bark. There are also some interesting trees along this trail. Ned and Ed are two Sequoias that are extremely close together and almost appear to be growing from the same base. There is also a Sequoia that has incorporated a giant rock into it's trunk. It's also interesting to notice that Sequoias don't grown in Round Meadow. Although I have never visited this trail in the spring, I have read that there are lovely wildflowers in the meadow during the springtime.

Walking along the path, reading the educational panels, and taking some pictures will probably take about an hour. If you're looking for a quick and educational introduction to the Giant Sequoias or you have small children who would be unhappy on a longer walk, the Big Trees Trail is for you.
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