Kathmandu Durbar Square

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Durbar Square is within walking distance from anywhere in Kathmandu, ancient architecture give this place an ambience that's not felt anywhere else. "KATHMANDU" means "THE WOODEN STAGE" as defined by the Newaris , the first people to settle in the valley. Due to its "handcarved , teak wood" windows that still function and teak accents that captivate your senses . Also called "freak street" where the hippies in the 70's stayed, even Jimi Hendrix stayed here! Hashish was even legal back in the 70's until the U.S government stepped in... Durbar has guest house options and an outdoor market which is like a walk thru a Grateful Dead Concert. Amazing things to be had here, from statues to bed spreads and incense. One can even acquire a GORKHA KNIFE, as used by the Nepalese Gorkha soldiers the most feared in the world! It is quite a view as you stroll between the markets and Pagodas that are centuries old! It definitely takes you back at least few hundred years. Be prepared to pay the $10 entrance fee which is worth it and supports the upkeep of this "WORLD HERITAGE" site. With its location a short walk away to Thamel where all the tourist usually stay to anticipate their trek. In the alley ways are also remnants of the way it used to be. Such as the teak windows and balconies that gave Kathmandu its name. These wooden stages are as amazing to look at as the Pagodas themselves. The real one, however, would be in Bhaktapur and Patan, a must see!
Durbar Square

Kathmandu, Nepal


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