Grand View Winery

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by RBT331 on October 2, 2006

While I would never consider myself a wine expert, I do enjoy a good glass of wine and even better free wine.

Cost: Free

Location: Durcharme Road (See below)

We knew that this winery was near Cabot, so we asked the kind cashier at Cabot how to get there. She told us to leave the parking lot, take a left, and take a right onto Ducharme.

However, she did NOT say that it was a dirt/gravel road, with curves and hills. You really couldn't go safely more than 25 miles an hour. So we putted, and putted, our way there, and eventually made it.

It was very discreet, set down a small hill, and looking like a small ranch home. However, the view was wonderful (so THAT'S why they call it Grand View).

We were the only ones there. A woman behind a counter greeted us, and my girlfriend explained that we were there for a tour and tasting. She then directs us to the right, and opens a door. Inside, we see large drums where wine is stored to ferment, as well as smaller ones for smaller brews. She explained that the owner of the winery took it up as a hobby, and showed us generally how things worked.

(NB: This is a winery, not a vineyard. Difference: They just make wine, and don't grow the grapes, whereas a vineyard grows the grapes AND makes the wine)

She then brought us back to the main room for the tastings. She offered tastings of open bottles (about 5-6 wines). We did sample each, and all were very tasty. The one thing that the tasting did lack was something to cleanse the palette. I think in some instances the flavors started to meld.

Afterward, she asked if we wanted to purchase any wine. We were the ONLY ones there and hadn't intended to buy any (given our previous and forthcoming purchases). However, being the only ones there, we felt a bit obligated to do so, so we did buy two bottles to bring back to Massachusetts to enjoy.

This is certainly not really suitable for kids. The clerk was friendly and knowledgeable. The view was magnificent. The "tour" did lack a little, but still was interesting.

If you don't mind a gravely, dirt covered road, take a small trip up there for a taste of some local fare.
Grand View Winery
Ducharme Road
East Calais, Vermont
(802) 456-7012

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