Cabot Creamery

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Vermont is officially known as the Green Mountain, but it could also be called Dairy Country. Milk and cheese are huge parts of Vermont's culture.

Location: right off Route 215, with ample parking, with parking lot up a hill.

Cost: $2 per person over the age of 12.

We visited the "main" Cabot facility in Cabot Village. You enter via the visitor center, where you can purchase various Cabot and Vermont Souvenirs (the cheese will come shortly). You pay the cashier for the tour, get your little button, and wait for your turn. That button within itself could be a souvenir.

You proceed onto the tour. First stop: A viewing room where you watch a brief film on the history of Cabot. Did you know that Cabot is not just one dairy or farmer, but rather a cooperative? I didn't :-).

You then continue down into the actual factory. Yes, it does smell like cheese, but what do you expect, it is a cheese factory after all :-). Through glass in the hallway, you can watch the vats churning, the packaging, and the testing lab. You are really feet away from all of it.

Kids, I think, would get a kick out of it. However, they may need a little help connecting the dots (this happens, then this, etc).

At the end of the tour, you are released into their cheese shoppe. You can buy your Cabot dairy products right there, straight from the source. Cheese blocks, shredded cheese, name it, they have it.

The best part: FREE SAMPLES! In the middle of the shoppe is a table with all these different varieties of their cheese. Jalapeno, Horseradish, Sharp Cheddar, low fat, bacon...all there for your taking. You could spend all day chowing down on the goodies.

Given the price, this tour was well worth it, and I would certainly consider visiting again.
Cabot Creamery
1 Home Farm Way
Montpelier, Vermont, 05602
(888) 792-2268

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