Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by cheese_cake on October 2, 2006

Shanghai's Urban Planning Exhibition Centre, located on the northern side of People's Square (Ren Min Guang Chang) by People's Avenue (Ren Min Da Dao), is actually not a bad place to start your visit to Shanghai. The centre showcases the architectural history and future of the city. There are faded photographs and maps of old Shanghai, as well as exhibits on the future urban structure of the megacity. The exhibition is quite extensive, covering not just the development of commercial Pudong, but also outlying satellite towns and issues involved in managing the growth of a city of Shanghai's scale. The highlight is a model of the city envisioned in 2020, which occupies a whole floor and which can be viewed at eye level or from above. Entry fee is RMB30.
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall
100 Ren Min Boulevard, People's Square
Shanghai, China, 200003
+86 (0)21 6372 2077

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