Islander Backpackers Resort

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by EsslingerBrian on September 30, 2006

When I travel, perhaps one of the most important things that I look for in a hostel is its location. I prefer to find a hostel that is centrally located, so that I can easily walk to all the attractions of the city. Islander Backpackers Resort was one of these exact kinds of hostels. Its location is unparalleled with any of the other hostels I saw in Surfers Paradise. Located directly next to the transit centre, it is also about a two minute walk to Cavill Avenue, and about three minutes from the beach itself. Everything that a backpacker could want (liquor store, pub, supermarket, shopping centre) are located within a minute's walk of this hostel.

I stayed in a four bed room ($26AUD per night), and it reminded me very much of a hotel, apart from the fact that there were bunk beds in the rooms. The room came with a fridge, TV, en suite bathroom, and balcony with spectacular views onto the rest of Surfers Paradise. Some hostels are hard to find with a view at all, and this one had views that would compete with any of those from the five-star hotels in the area. There were also lockers in each room in which you could lock up your belongings while you are away or asleep. They are free to use, and are key (on your keychain that has your room key on it) operated, so there is no need to bring your own lock for this hostel. The room was quite clean (not sparkling), and there was plenty of room for you and your belongings.

Since the Islanders is also a hotel, it caters also to the non-budget traveller. Therefore, there is a swimming pool and jacuzzi on site, though anyone staying at the property can use those facilities. For those who enjoy to play arcade type games, there is a large games room, and also an Internet lounge where you can check your e-mail or what not. There was a kitchen located on our floor, and there were also tennis courts just around the back of the main building. Most hostels provide free luggage storage for those who have a late flight or something, so they can store their packs there before they leave, and the Islanders had this storage facility, though it came at a price. It cost $3AUD to store my backpack in a locker (albeit very secure) for up to 12 hours.

The staff was mediocre, and seemed like they got quickly annoyed when I inquired about anything apart from checking in or out. To get around this I simply went to the Courtyard Inn across the street to inquire about things, and they were also much more prepared for such things having maps and timetables and were willing to help all, even those not staying at their hotel.

Overall, the experience was positive and the location was wonderful. I would recommend this property to a traveller of any age!
Islander Backpackers Resort
6 Beach Rd.
Brisbane, Australia
+61 (7) 5538 8000

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