Celtics Game at TD Banknorth Garden

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by notso62 on September 26, 2006

Way up in the sky, my group and I gaze through lenses to view the microscopic specks below. What are these specks doing? I catch a glimpse of a brilliant orange basketball and flashes of green and white through my limited view. Then it comes to me--I must be at a Celtics game in the nosebleed section!

Binoculars are a pre-requisite for the cheap seats in the TD Banknorth Garden. They seem like they are miles away- I felt as if I were watching the game on a very far away TV screen when I tried to concentrate on the court. The jumbo-tron offered better perspective, but I don't like having to go to a live sporting event only to watch another television perspective. Sigh... such are the problems of basketball bargain hunters. For $10 though, it's the best sports bargain in Boston (with Red Sox and Patriots tickets always ringing in over $100 a pop).

Players for the Celtics in recent times have not put on a very good show for the home crowd - and such is reflected in the empty stands and cheaper ticket prices. With very few playoff appearances in the last few years, it seems as if the Bostonians have given up on their once-beloved Celtics. Most have learned to concentrate on baseball, football or even hockey. Stars like Larry Bird are no longer, but I still enjoy the occasional game in the TD Banknorth Garden just to see what the new roster holds. Though not a place of nostalgia like the old Boston Garden, hopefully one day this place will be treasured if the Celtics were to ever win a championship again.

For those of you Celtics fans like myself that like to enjoy a cold beer at the game, make sure to bring your passport if you are from outside of Massachusetts and there is the chance you could be mistaken as being under 21. I had the unfortunate experience of not having my Connecticut license accepted - thus left to wallow soberly in my Celtics misery. Not my favorite experience at this venue, but I have learned for future visits.

The TD Banknorth Garden is a very nice facility with modern amenities like luxury boxes, dining options, and appealing lights, sounds and visual systems. It is a large venue - able to seat over 30,000 people. Unfortunately it is overly big for the unpopular Celtics, but hopefully someday this will change. The Banknorth Garden is convenient to both subway and commuter rail lines so transportation to events could not be easier. Parking in the area is tricky and should be avoided if at all possible to utilize the public transportation.

Celtics Game
226 Causeway Street
Boston, Massachusetts, 02114
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