Los Angeles Zoo

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by kwasiak on September 25, 2006

We visited the zoo on a Sunday, which was not the best idea, as it was very crowded. It was also a hot day, but there was plenty of shade to escape the sun in most of the park. Overall the zoo was worth seeing, but it only took us a few hours to get through it. One major annoyance for us was that at 11:30am the only place food place open was the ice cream stand, so we ended up leaving having seen almost everything and wanting something more than that for lunch.

When you first enter the zoo you find yourself right in front of the Sea Lion area (providing you notice it behind all the people crowded around it, especially when the zoo first opens). Unless you really want to see them first you can keep going and see them on your way out. Also, near the entrance during our visit was a small special exhibit with a White Alligator (really an albino alligator). I do not know how long it is supposed to be at the LA Zoo, but it was at least unique, I guess.

The rest of the zoo is organized to some extent by habitat. There is a section with Australian animals including koalas, cassowaries, and several species of kangaroo. There is also an African habitat area with camels and zebras. Overall I felt the zoo forced you to go in one direction and there was no skipping around to areas you wanted to actually see. I think this is due to the major construction going on throughout the middle of the zoo on new habitats for gorillas, elephants, and something else, which make the whole middle of the zoo inaccessible and forces you to go the long way around to get anywhere.
Los Angeles Zoo
5333 Zoo Drive
Los Angeles, California, 90027
(323) 644-4200


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