Orchard Road Hawkers

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Hawkers are where cheap but good food is found. Hawkers abound all over Singapore and one particular hawker where we dined is the Orchard Road Hawker. Local food is sold at a lower price. You can have Bee Hon and other noodles or chili wings.

The set-up for a Hawker Centre is a place where there are a number of stalls selling various kinds of food, and these stalls share a common seating area for the customers, just like what you see in a food court. It’s an open-air area so sometimes, it could be extremely warm during noon but it is great to hang out here at night time when the air is a bit cooler.

You can have a complete meal at the price of S$5 to S$9. Various stalls are found that bring you wide array of choices. There’s one particular stall that offer drinks to go with your food. The Hawkers are ideal for the budget travelers who look for delicious food that comes with the right value for their money.

Hawkers are so pervasive (they number to about 7,000 stalls in government hawkers centers in the entire country!) that the Singaporean Government, particularly its Ministry of Environment, takes care of Hawker Management.

The origin of Hawker centres is said to be from mobile stalls wherein traveling vendors go around to sell food. But to further control and manage these mobile stalls, they were given sites where they can set up. So in the 70’s the first Hawker centre was established. As they flourished and became widely acceptable, mobile stalls became extinct in the 80’s.
Orchard Road

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